Apprenticeship is an experience-based learning program in which students complete both a work-based, or practical, training program and a technical training program to receive their Certificate of Qualification in their trade of choice.

Apprenticeship programs are heavily grounded in practical experience; 80 percent of the program takes place outside a traditional classroom setting. After applying to work with an organization, apprentices work with their employers to learn the practical aspects of the trade and get paid competitive wages for their work based on remuneration wages determined by the government – earn while you learn.

Apprentices will typically complete 12 weeks of technical training in a classroom per level of their program to compliment the practical skills they learn. This training teaches apprentices about the latest technology available in the industry and prepares them for the final examination of the program.

Following the successful completion of the final examination, apprentices will receive their Certificate of Qualification and will be authorized to practice their trade as a certifiied tradesperson.

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