Partners in Excellence

We are committed to investing in you and providing the training and mentorship that will help launch your successful career. We believe our longstanding history of supporting the apprenticeship process has heavily contributed to our success as a company. Apprenticeship programs act as a way to ensure we continue to provide the highest levels of service to our customers and utilize the latest technology available. Our industry is evolving at a rapid pace, creating great opportunities for advancement.

From providing farm equipment for schools to work on, to creating scholarships, we are involved in the process because we see the value in it. We understand that the best way to achieve excellence and demonstrate mastery is to work one-on-one with a Master Technician, complimented by technical training.

Our apprentices are supported throughout their schooling as they build a career and master a trade. Talk to technicians, do your research, and talk to a Service Manager when you are ready to commit. We offer the most comprehensive training and an unparalleled level of support, with almost no out of pocket payment.

We wanted to create a program that would be simple for everyone to understand, significantly improve financial support while in apprenticeship, provide tools to help apprentices succeed at school, provide tools to help manage the time away from home, ensure all technicians claim all the government support available, and help apprentices become successful journeypersons.

We would love to help you launch your career and make a commitment to your future.



The Partners in Excellence Program was created out of the necessity to streamline the apprenticeship process. Due to the number of parties involved, apprenticeship can become much more complicated than it needs to be. We worked with our technicians, current apprentices, and graduated apprentices to create a program that takes away the guess work; investing in your future should not be difficult to decipher.

Our apprenticeship program has many benefits in place to help our apprentices start their career in the best way possible:

  1. Financial: The cost of tuition and books is billed directly to Enns Brothers for our apprentices. We also provide coverage during the two week gap between the end of the work term to begin school and receiving Employment Insurance. In addition, while attending the John Deere Tech program at Assiniboine Community College (ACC) in Brandon for their in-class training, our apprentices are provided with either a commuting or living allowance. We also pay our apprentices 95 percent of their regular wage while they attend class.
  2. Resources: When our apprentices attend their in-class technical training sessions in Brandon, we want them to feel adequately prepared. Before they go, we talk to them about Employment Insurance, budgeting, study tips, and provide them with contact information should they have any questions.
  3. Return of Service Agreement: We believe in the power of investing in our employees and want to see the results of the program, which is why we have a Return of Service Agreement with our apprentices. This contract states that following graduation, our apprentices will stay on with us for at least 36 months.


Who to Call:

As part of our Partners in Excellence Program, we believe it is important to provide our apprentices, and future apprentices, with all the contact information necessary for them to succeed. Here is who to contact if:

You have questions related to John Deere University or other training courses:

  • Jennifer Piche: