Technicians and specialists within our company are the ‘go to’ people. They have an extremely large breadth of knowledge, allowing them to be experts in their field. We count on them for innovative solutions to the most complex challenges we face, as well as help us continue to move forward as a company.

Technicians are dedicated to their specialty, they are lifelong learners, and are able to simplify and solve complex concepts. They are an integral piece of our company. As we continue to advance both as a company and industry, technicians are essential to ensure we stay ahead of industry standards.

Their ideas and knowledge will create a sustainable, competitive advantage for the company and allow us to continue to provide our customers with the latest technology and best support available. The industry is rapidly changing and advancing as technology continues to evolve; technicians and specialists are crucial in our journey.

Technicians work hands on and are constantly learning new skills to enhance their knowledge. They are passionate, results-oriented, and excellence driven. They directly impact our company’s revenue and customer experience. The technician’s knowledge, efficiency, and quality are fundamental to our reputation for excellence and our long term success.

At Enns Brothers, typical technician and specialist jobs include:

  • Agricultural equipment technicians
  • Power sport technicians
  • Integrated solutions specialists (precision agriculture, agronomy, and machine optimization)
  • Service advisors
  • Parts specialists

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