Your Privacy is Important to Us

Thank you for visiting our Career Portal and for your interest in our company. We are committed to the protection of your private information and so if you decide to apply for a position, you should be aware that:

  • We will not share your information with anyone outside of our company;
  • Your application and/or resume information is only shared inside our company with those who have a direct need to see it as part of the recruiting/hiring process;
  • Your data is kept in a secure environment;
  • You are able to modify the information you have provided us at any time;
  • You may request that we remove your resume from our database at any time;
  • You may request that you only be contacted in relation to the position for which you have applied, and no other opportunities;
  • We will keep your resume active for 6 months and it will be purged after 2 years.

Things to Think About before you provide your email and phone number:

  • Following the submission of your resume, an automated acknowledgement of receipt will be sent to the email address you have provided - best to use your home email and not your current work email.
  • We may call you at the phone number you have provided or at the email you have provided and these contacts will identify "Enns Brothers" as the source of the call or email;
  • Unless you request otherwise, we may occasionally send you an email to ask you for an update, to give you some exciting news about our company or to advise you of jobs for which we think you could be qualified.

If you have any specific questions about submitting your resume, please contact the Human Resources Team anytime -