Why Work Here?

Career Opportunities: We offer a large variety of employment opportunities – ranging from management roles, to agronomists, to technicians and specialists. We currently employ more than 300 people within Manitoba and look to expand our team as our business continues to grow.

Constant Learning: We have consistent eLearning sessions for our employees. Our industry is evolving at such a rapid pace; it is important for our employees to keep up in order to provide our customers with the quality of service we are known for.

Continuous Growth: We have gone through exponential growth to triple the size of our workplace over the last five years, and believe we still have much more growth ahead of us. To match the rate of growth within the agricultural industry, we are always looking to add to our team of experts.

Internal Advancement: We like to see our employees move up within the company. With each job description within the company, we list potential career paths and roots of advancement; your career should be a journey.  

Apprenticeship: Our Partners in Excellence program for apprentices is designed to streamline the apprenticeship process and help our apprentices kick start their careers and make a commitment to their future. Our apprentices work in our branches during the practical part of their apprenticeship, and attend the John Deere Tech program at Assiniboine Community College. To learn more about the program, visit the apprenticeship page.


We are a business rooted in our community, and put our employees first. The company culture – the way people inside our organization feel about the company – is extremely important to us. We want to be an organization in which our employees can thrive. To continue our success, our company culture has to be consistent with where we are headed as a company, because our workforce determines our course of action.  

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