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These key positions are the pivot points in the organization. Through their decisions and their teams, they have a significant impact on our ability to 'wow' the customer, to be profitable and to grow our business.

If you choose a career in Management, you will help steer the ship. Your effort will drive results throughout the organization and your positive, can-do attitude will be multiplied by the energy of your team.

You will develop your team members, continuously improve processes and establish new linkages across departments.

You will learn to analyze and to define problems before acting and if your reasoned approach yields a solution that fails, you will quickly identify the failure and its causes and try something new.

At Enns Brothers, we have Branch Managers, Parts and Service Managers, Sales Managers, and managers of special or shared services departments, such as Integrated Solutions, Accounting, Marketing, Human Resources.

Successful managers tend to be: Team oriented, forward thinking, leaders, focused, results driven, articulate, able to tap into external resources, empathetic, strategic, decisive, collaborative, passionate, energetic and always ready for something new.

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Technical/Specialists - Operations

These key positions are the 'go to' people in our organization, They have the depth of knowledge necessary to be experts in their field and we count on them for innovative solutions to our most complex challenges.

If you choose a career as a Technical/Specialist, you will be committed to learning everything that there is to know about your chosen field. You will be consulted by managers, co-workers and customers for help with analysis and solution development.

You will continuously improve your work processes by applying the latest strategies. You will build a network of similarly talented people both within and without your specialty and your knowledge and ideas will create sustainable competitive advantage for the company.

At Enns Brothers, typical jobs in this category include the Agricultural Equipment Technicians, Powersports Technicians, Integrated Solutions (precision agriculture, agronomy and machine optimization), Service Advisors and Parts Specialists.

Successful candidates for these roles tend to be: dedicated to their specialty, lifelong learners, able to simplify complex concepts, relentless, results oriented, detail oriented, able to relate to customers effectively, confident, passionate, integrators and connectors.

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Sales Professionals

These key positions in our organization are tasked with generating revenue by creating and maintaining strong, long-term relationships with producers and turf and rec equipment buyers. Our sales people understand the unique needs of our customers and work with them to harness the benefits of the right equipment, technology and best practice processes.

If you choose a career in Sales... you will contribute to the company's attainment of its long term goals. Results of your efforts are often evident in the short term. You have a direct connection with customers and can have a very positive impact on their success. You work with the latest technology and equipment to build solutions and have access to considerable training and resources to help you in your work. You are generally paid a combination of salary and commission and your income can be significant.

At Enns Brothers, there are Sales roles in each key product line - Agricultural equipment, Turf equipment, Powersports products and Terex equipment as well as Finance+Insurance Sales.

Successful candidates for these roles tend to be: self-motivated, positive, problem solvers, resilient, relationship builders, creative, well-spoken, organized, confident, persistent, adaptable, enthusiastic and energetic.

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Administrative and Operational Support

These key positions support all aspects of the business. Some are internal and some are customer-facing but they all work together to drive operational excellence in the organization.

If you choose a career in Administration/Support, you will help keep everything moving in the organization. Without you, the lights don't go on, the trucks don't run, the shipments don't ship and no one gets paid. This group makes sure that the product is available for delivery, that the sale and financing go through and the cash is collected and available for the day to day operations of the business. These teams are the backbone of the organization - the creators of the infrastructure that supports the productive efficiency and growth of the company.

Roles in this Category include Inventory Management/Purchasing, Accounting and Finance, Marketing, Sales Coordinators, Reception, Information Technology, Business Coordinators, Human Resources, Logistics, Customer Care, Detailer, Shipping/Receiving, Drivers, Yard Personnel.

Sound like you? Check out the Career Opportunities section to see if there is a match for your talents and career plans.