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Our Future

The agricultural industry is rapidly evolving as technology continues to move forward.

At Enns Brothers, we want to provide a fully integrated approach using the latest technology available, our wide breadth of expertise in equipment and land, and our highly skilled workforce in order to create qualitative and practical value for producers. We believe that dramatic and lasting improvements in crop production agriculture will only be achieved through the innovation of equipment, technology, and crop sciences. We aim to integrate our optimization staff to our service department in order to align our customers’ needs with our service delivery.

Some of these advancements include improving progressive data analytics so that all the data is in one real-time dashboard, utilizing GIS marketing maps, and aligning water management software with the province of Manitoba to make the process more efficient for the producers.

We have our field advisors coordinate total farm solution fields including FieldSmart, Optimization Pro, and long-term equipment strategies to understand our customers’ needs and provide support services to them. 

We have also been working on research and development services to assist with the protections of products and seed growth. Innovative trial design, setup, and data management have allowed us to move large-scale agricultural research trails from an average of 50 percent success to upwards of 90 percent. This advancement will help us better serve our customers by reducing the risk they face during production.

While incorporating the latest technological advances in the field, we maintain the roots and values upon which our company was founded. Our efforts can only be meaningful and effective if they are grounded by our core values.

We are always looking for people who share our drive for a better future. Join our growing company by sending us your résumé.